Brilliant Stress Management

Brilliant Stress Management by Mike ClaytonBrilliant Stress Management

How to Manage Stress in any Situation

We all have stress in our lives, so why is it that some of us seem to thrive on it while others feel crushed by its weight?

The answer is that it’s not stress that causes the damage: it’s us and our response to it.

Brilliant Stress Management will show you how to manage your response to stress to help you take control of your life and build a happy and successful future.

“An easy read for an inner calm. This book is engaging, practical and packed with simple to achieve exercises that really do help you combat stress.”

Matthew Cole Clinical Director, York Stress & Trauma Centre

Ready to take back control?

We all have stress in our lives at some point. It could be a deadline at work, a major change such as a house move or a relationship breakdown. Perhaps it’s a combination of all of these factors and more. Whatever it is, it can leave you feeling out of control.

In Brilliant Stress Management Mike Clayton helps you figure out what it is that stresses you out and how you can tackle it. Whether you crumble under pressure, get angry, or simply bury your head in the sand, this book provides stress busting techniques to help you take the edge off and even channel your stress in a positive way.

Naomi Campbell describes Brilliant Stress Management as 
“an amazing book”

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Harpers Bazaar Dec 2011 Naomi Campbell Interview


  • Manage your environment to create a peaceful and stress-free place to be
  • Make better use of your time so that you never again get overwhelmed by an unending list of tasks
  • Learn how to identify the symptoms of stress in yourself and others – and be able to do something about it


About the Author

Chapter 1: What stress is and is not
Chapter 2: Control your physical response to stress
Chapter 3: Control your environment
Chapter 4: Control your time
Chapter 5: Control your attitudes
Chapter 6: Control your mental response to stress
Chapter 7: Manage stress at work
Chapter 8: Manage stress from change
Chapter 9: Manage stress from conflict
Chapter 10: Help others to manage their stress

Relax: Last words on stress
101 ways to Control your Stress
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This website will give you practical stress control tips and techniques.  These tools will be fully described in Brilliant Stress Management.

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Now also available in French and Polish language editions.

Brilliant Stress Management will be Mike Clayton’s sixth book and and his third in Pearson Education‘s best selling “Brilliant …” series.

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